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Lesana Community Development/ Rehabilitation Services

Social Services

LCDRS works to provide a place to worship, a school feeding with the assistance of the World Feeding Program, and micro-lending to support self-sufficiency.

Our mission is to restore the village of Mambo, and possibly the entire Mambo Section in Sierra Leone to its former level of self-sufficiency and pride. This will require improving the socio-economic status and quality of life through education, improved health care, and social services. Our focus is also directed towards increasing opportunities for personal and community growth through improved accessibility and entrepreneurship. We will first establish leadership and direction in the village of Mambo, thus setting an example of development and productivity for other sections in the Kagboro Chiefdom.

our mission:

Quality Of Life

Once the LCDRS was established, a well was built in 2005 by The Sierra Leone Water and Development Services. A second well was built in 2007, and the original well was cleaned. In 2009 a third well was donated by a family friend.

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There was a  three room school building, with 200 children in grades 1-6. The school was built in the late 1970’s by Mrs Amelia Caulker-Ben Davis, and is under the auspices of the United Methodist Church. A new school building has been now been completed.

Health Care

We are working on establishing a  health post, with NGO Forut to do the work.